PTO Officers for 2016-2017 School Year:

      President - Carletta Webb

      Vice-President - Beth Titzer

      Secretary - Courtney Atwood

      Treasurer - Jessie Parrent

             You may contact the officers through the school office at 618-842-3048.

Meeting Times

     Jasper PTO meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the school cafeteria.  Click on Calendar at the left to check for the next meeting.

About the PTO

     The Jasper Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an important organization at Jasper School.  The PTO provides many activities and educational opportunities for students that would otherwise not be available.  PTO sponsors such activities as as open house, business meetings, Trunk or Treat, Santa Shoppe, room parents, and the Winter Sweetheart Dance.  We also volunteer our time in the school and earn funds to support the academic program.

     The PTO is a cooperative supplement of the total Jasper School program.  We coordinate activities, fundraising, and purchases with the Superintendent and the school board.  We are heavily involved in supporting the ongoing technology initiatives.

     PTO charges no membership fees, but encourages all parents to become active in the school and volunteer their time to improve our students' education.  Parents of students in all grades are encouraged to take part in PTO.